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Dr. John Campbell

I don’t know how many still follow COVID-19 news but I am one who follows opens in a new windowDr. John Campbell on YouTube who is a retired Nurse Teacher and has followed the progression of COVID-19 worldwide since the start.

The reason I like this channel is that it’s full of FACTS! (so hard to come by) and he talks about ALL countries (unlike our so insular media)

He talks like a teacher (which is what he is) and each video is around 20 / 30 mins every couple of days.

But if you really want to know all about COVID-19, and the truth, I recommend opens in a new windowthis channel

Below are his latest and the first videos on Coronavirus which was back on 26th January 2020, and looking back on what he said then…well, just read some of the comments…“This guy was ahead of the game” , “If just people and governments would have LISTENED to Dr. Campbell back then!!!”

If you want to know all about the virus, just watch his video from 26th January, things haven’t changed that much.

Global Update 7th July
CORONAVIRUS 26th January 2020

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