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Tea Towel Competition 2024

And the Winner Is…

The Tea Towel Competition is over and judged. With £270.00 being raised for Church Funds. £170.00 was raised by the competition and the first prize of £100.00 has been donated by the winner as well.

I asked John and Joyce Pinch to judge the competition and this is their judgement.

There are some great photos. Many taken abroad – and even in the French village of St Cyr!

The photograph we have chosen is well composed, using the full frame to illustrate to focus of the image. The foreground uses a sculptural figure, creatively constructed out of driftwood, echoing the location by a waterway. The towel makes good use of the bird’s beak, suspended like a flag, or even caught by the bird in the wind! The towel is shown to its full potential against the plain background of the blue sky.

We also particularly liked the wedding image, delightfully presented by the obviously happy pair!!

John and Joyce Pinch Sept. 2024

The rest of the Entries can be viewed following this link.

Thank-you to all who took the time to enter the competition for a little fun. I hope you enjoyed it and am only sorry that more did not participate.

Richard Bartlam

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