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Moving the Steps

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Yet more progress was made outside of the church this week. The following has been achieved during the four working days of the week:

✔ The week started with the repositioning of the stone steps to make space for the new disabled ramp.

The two lower steps were fixed in place and the restraining concrete block walls were
constructed before laying the upper treads.

By the end of the week all five treads had been replaced. The original steps had slightly sunk over time such that they were tilting backwards. This had the unfortunate result of holding any rainfall at the back of the treads. Having now repositioned the steps correctly has consequently increased the overall height slightly, causing the top step to be higher
than the path.

The path was to have been raised slightly anyway to form a slight ramp up to the porch entrance, but it has meant that the bottom hinges for the gates will need to be removed and positioned higher.

✔ Meanwhile inside, Derek continued fixing two layers of plasterboard to the rear walls of the toilet cubicle, which will eventually be skimmed with plaster.

✔ Simon Beisly, the electrician, began the first fix this week, which included locating
wiring for the sockets and switches in both the toilet and kitchen areas.

It has been suggested that a time capsule be buried behind the retaining walls around the lift area. Recommendations have been received as to what the capsule should contain.

Access to the church will continue to be closed while internal work continues.

John Pinch
23 April 2022

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