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The Last Post for Sandy McDonald


A Grand Farewell to Sandy McDonald. From Penicuik to Stinchcombe

A Grand Farewell

There was a grand farewell for Sandy at the Village hall. Followed by a walk down the road and across the fields to a beautiful spot at the far end of Sandys fields that steeply overlooked the Severn and the two Bridges on one side and then back to Stinchcombe and the hill the other side. A spot well chosen by Sandy to be his resting place.

At the graveside a letter from Sandy himself was read out for all to hear. However, because it was outside and everyone was at a distance not everyone could. So it is reprinted below:


My final thoughts.

Thank you all for coming to this celebration of my life.

My view on the content of this has changed dramatically during these recent final stages. I can honestly say that I am completely relaxed and content with where I now find myself.

What has led to this change you may well ask.
Look around I have been enveloped in a solid wall of love and affection pure and simple, My wonderful children Paul, Sophie Dougal and Lucy. Obviously they’re not happy, ‘too soon’ they feel. Yes me too. I might have liked another 10 or 20 years to enjoy all that I have right now but that is just not to be.

My children have accepted the inevitable and worked hard together to make this celebration of my life a joyous occasion . I always did and forever, now and always will love them. Full Stop.

My wider family, two brothers, Roddy and Ewan two sisters Lynn and Fiona.
We have been, to say the least, dysfunctional. The reasons for that are not important now, they are firmly in the past.
This event has and will allow functionality to prevail from now on. Importantly, the next generation, our children appear to function well with each other, we are McDonald’s and together, ironclad.

My friends gathered and shared from many walks of life and some of the diverse groups I joined and shared stuff, like Crisps and Coriander, Stroud Super Social, campervantics , Stroud active futures group and a dozen more.
To use an expression, I was a right tart. I joined whenever and wherever you were doing something and wanted to try AND you welcome me with open arms!

Lastly, but not leastly all my friends and neighbours from Stinchcombe and around. This is a lovely village full of lovely people and more recently a new generation with lots of children. A growing vibrant young place- what a place, treasure it nurse it.
I thank you for all for the support and help you’ve given willingly to me over the last 29 years.

My remains now rest forever in a beautiful willow coffin made by my own daughter Sophie and two of her friends made out of my own willow growing on my own land.
If that’s not the icing on the top of the cake, I simply do not know what could be .
Not all are or could be here, sadly. No matter, this plot is for all of you, forever.
Not to grieve- to celebrate because the ground itself will radiate the deep love and affection you have shown to me forever. Use it as and when you need it, I won’t be here but the embedded love in this place will be.
Remember this is a celebration of my life -celebrate !

Thank you all for coming and for any contributions you have or would like to make .
Goodbye Sandy.

You can Download Sandy’s own words here
You can Download Sandy’s Tribute here

Sandys Online Memory Box

If you would like to Contribute to the Longfield Community Hospice in memory of Sandy follow this link.

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