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Our Virtual Village

Stinchcombe Local History Society – “A Village Property” 

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Stinchcombe Village is full of wonderful properties both large and small.

Combe House
Combe House

Each property has its own House History. All properties are rich in history and memories. Other Villagers know little or nothing about those histories. Indeed, sometimes the owners themselves know nothing!

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Add Your Own House History

The opens in a new windowStinchcombe History Society is suggesting that once a month a local homeowner may like to publish what they know of their house history for all. Include photos and any other interesting stories and it will be added to the Parish website. Then maybe other local people can add their own extra titbits to that property history with their own stories.The opens in a new windowHistory Society can then build up a comprehensive history of all the Stinchcombe Village Properties. 

Our Virtual Village Property Histories

Suggestions for topics to cover

Rather than being too prescriptive here are some suggested bullet points to get people started

  • when the house was built
  • description
  • how it’s changed over the years
  • past residents and their occupation/role
  • significant events
  • anecdotes
  • how they’ve researched the house’s history
  • what it means to them to live in an historic house
  • photos old and current

To get Involved

Roger Batty is collating all stories and details. Contact Roger Battycreate new email (07765468756) if you would like:

  • to be involved with “A Village Property”
  • get your own property published
  • would just like to help in the project

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