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Stinchcombe Playground

Stinchcombe Playground

A New Playground and Community Space

Dear fellow Stinchcombe residents,

As you may be aware, in January 2021, a working group focussed on the establishment of a new playground and community space was formed and has been steadily working on this ambition. 

The creation of this working group followed an initial consultation questionnaire, enabled via the Stinchcombe village letter, to identify interest for the development of a new playground and to seek support to establish a group to undertake this work, as an extension to the Stinchcombe PC.  

It has taken many months to explore, assess and consider the two options which have been available to us: a small expansion of the existing site at the Dursley Rugby Club grounds, and the re-establishment of a playground in the Church field site, where a school playground used to exist. 

There have been many considerations explored, compared and considered in deciding which of the two sites to go with, including but not limited to:

  • The scope of what can be achieved with the sites
  • Site access
  • Site safety 
  • Wider benefits to the community of Stinchcombe based on the location of the site

From our work we have concluded that the Church Field site presents Stinchcombe with the most suitable option, and an agreement with the PCC has been reached to lease a portion of the field to the Stinchcombe parish council for this purpose (subject to any necessary  planning approvals and consultation with Stinchcombe residents).

We will be hosting an engagement session alongside a fundraising Coffee & Cake sale on the 15th October (10am – 12pm) where we will provide information boards and will take everyone through the timeline of activities and events leading up to the selection of the church field site (& subsequent discussions with the PCC and PC), and offer an open Question & Answer session with residents.

We hope that Stinchcombe residents will find this initiative of a positive nature; we hope to create a place where children, families and other Stinchcombe residents can come together and experience joy, relax and nurture friendships across our village. 

We look forwards to welcoming all residents to our engagement event which will be co-hosted by Reverend Fiona Crocker. 

Best regards

Naomi Heming & Steve Lane

Chair & Deputy Chair of the Stinchcombe Playground Working Group

Proposed plans for the Playground & Community Space are attached showing two different potential options for siting. These options have been developed following input from residents via an initial playground questionnaire, discussions with local families, and through discussions with the PCC and Stroud District Planning Office.

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