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The Farms of Stinchcombe


Looking for information

At the start of WWII these were the 14 farms that were listed in Stinchcombe.

  • Barnsley Farm
  • Church Farm
  • Clingre Farm
  • Lorridge Farm
  • Overend Farm
  • Southend Farm
  • Stancombe Farm
  • Home Farm (Stancombe)
  • Standle Farm
  • Street Farm
  • The Elms (poultry)
  • Townsend Farm
  • White House Farm
  • Woodlands Farm.

We are looking for reminiscences, stories, anecdotes, information, pictures and everything else of interest that you might care to share about these local farms.

Please add your bits to the comments or email Roger Batty


  • Clingre Farm was split by the motorway in the 60’s and New Clingre Farm was built in Echo Lane.
    Standle Farm was also split so a tunnel was built under the Motorway to access the isolated land.

  • I have an order of exchange between the Rt Hon Lord Fitzgardinge of Berkeley Castle and the Venerable Sir G Prevost Bar in 1868 for the land where my house now sits on Taits Hill. From the document I can see that the original field was called Cloveracre. Does anyone know the names of the surrounding fields? Are there any map records with these names rather than plot numbers? I also can see there was at this time a cottage and garden on the corner between Old Hill Lane and Taits Hill, does anyone have any more information about the cottage as there was no further mention of it. The land was purchased by the Pick family of Woodlands farm and upper Knapp farm in the early 20th century when soon after the existing properties started to be built.

  • Hi Steve
    I am in contact with Sir George Prevost’s grandson, Christopher Prevost and he is looking through some old documents for me…

    “John, I have just pulled out two files which may hold a lot of interest. But it will have to wait until tomorrow!

    They are headed 1) Gift of land for the benefice of Stinchcombe. 2) Estate of Sir Charles T. K. Prevost deceased. April 1951 to April 1969.

    Hope this all helps.
    Best wishes,
    Christopher Prevost”

    Steve, once he sorts through the documents I will let you know?

  • Hello John Pinch & Steve.
    I have pages of legal documents listing many pastures, fields, woods and land in Stinchcombe going back to 1898 and earlier. I don’t know where these places are located in Stinchcombe, but they all have an Ordnance Reference number against them and the name of the lessee.
    Maybe this might help.
    Best wishes,
    Christiopher Prevost

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