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Stinchcombe Village Cookbook


The Village Cookbook

Village Cookbook

A few years ago a Village Cookbook was written with “Tried and Tasted Recipes from Stinchcombe”. The cookbook raised money for St Cyr’s Church. The recipes were sent in by people living in the village at the time. Some of whom still live in the village.

Below are a selected number of recipes from the book and I am hoping that people NOW living in the the village will send in THEIR OWN favourite recipes with maybe one or two pictures.

Soups and Starters

Curried Parsnip Soup by Jean Raynor from the Village Cookbook

Main Dishes

Turkey Chutney by Jean Rayor from the Village Cookbook

Saucy Apricot Chops by Alison Heard from the Village Cookbook

Fish, Cheese and Vegetable Dishes

Pasta Provencal by Margaret Larroucau from the Village Cookbook

Carrot and Parsnip Crumble by Yvonne Cant from the Village Cookbook

Sweets and Puddings

Tea Time!

A Good Wedding Cake by Anon from the Village Cookbook


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