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Sometimes charity begins at home

Charity Begins at Home

We are very privileged

We all live together in a very safe part of the country, with little COVID, little crime, in our small village of Stinchcombe. Stinchcombe has great community spirit. During lockdown, we knew that if we needed it, we could turn to our own community for help. In fact, around a third of all households came forward and volunteered to help others.

Our neighbour needs help

However, we have in our midst one neighbour who survives on charity. She lives at the centre of our village and is always there for us. Most of us do not visit her except for the odd visit once or twice a year. However, we would all miss her if she was forced to leave.

No Income with Bills to pay

During Lockdown, she had no income because no-one visited and still there is no real likelihood of any income from her usual sources for sometime. Unfortunately, like all of us, her house has bills to pay.

Is this the time to get together?

But if any provide not for his owne, & specially for those of his owne house, hee hath denied the faith, and is worse then an infidel.

1 Timothy 5:8, King James Bible, 1611:

So, at this time, I am asking the people of Stinchcombe; Is this the time that Charity should begin at home and that we AS A Community should now come forward to support our Church of St Cyrs? To keep a vicar, to keep its doors open for the future and to keep it from withering away.

There are approximately 150 houses in Stinchcombe and if every household gave £25 per year (£2 per month) that would be £3750. Enough to pay the current insurance bill.

£50 per year per house would go a long way to securing the long term future of the Church and Vicar in Stinchcombe.

The questions to ask

I guess the questions we should ask ourselves are:

  • Do you want to continue to live in a village with a church in the long term?
  • Do you think that a church adds value to your community?
  • What would the community of Stinchcombe be like without the Church at its centre?

How to give

  • You can read more about the funding of St Cyrs on the churches website
  • You can donate a single one-off amount at Give a Little (gift aid can be added during payment)
  • You can set up a Standing order or making a BACS payment to
    • Stinchcombe Parochial Church Council
    • NatWest Sort Code: 55-61-38   Account: 03709450
  • You can talk to the Vicar Fiona

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