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Dursley’s First Ever Pride

Dursley Pride


Dursley’s First Ever Pride last Saturday 20th August

Mark and I attended Dursley’s First Ever Pride last Saturday 20th August and enjoyed an amazing afternoon.

The Event started with a March from Spring Villa down to The Chantry Centre. The turnout was impressive with around 500 + people of all ages, children, supportive parents and friends gathering to celebrate – with great performers, musicians and many fantastic stalls.

It was very kind, considerate and generous of Phil Pridmore to provide an ‘ After Pride Party ‘ at Spring Villa where the revellers continued to celebrate late into the evening.

We never thought that a small rural town could host such a friendly and inclusive event ( organised by local Dursley resident, Tyler White ), however the atmosphere was electric.

Society seems to be moving forward and it was a privilege to be part of such a heartwarming and accepting event. Well done Gloucestershire!

The sense of inclusiveness was quite overwhelming.

Mike and Mark

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