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Chairman’s Report

Chairman’s Report to Annual Parish Assembly to be held on Monday 30th May 2022

Since the last Parish Assembly in 2021 there has been the AGM and 9 full Parish Council meetings, most of which were attended by the County and District Councillors. The PC aims to meet every six weeks, primarily in the Committee Room at the Village Hall unless dictated by COVID regulations.

At the AGM on the 26th May 2021 the following appointments were confirmed:-

Footpath Wardens –              Mr Snellock and Mr Packer

Tree Warden –                          Mr Kirkham

Playground Equipment Warden – Mr Cheetham

Rep to Village Hall Committee –  Mrs Shaw

Snow Warden –                        Mr Davies

Snow Plough Operator –             Mr Longstreth 

The following were also appointed as representatives of the Parish Council to other organisations:-

Stinchcombe Hill Trust                                            Ms K Hudson

Stinchcombe United Charities                               Mrs J. Thomas

Dursley United Charities                                         Mr R Holloway

Village Hall Committee                                            Mrs M Shaw

Berkeley Stakeholder Group                                  Mr C Davies

Parish Councillors

The Council is operating at full complement, Simon Packer took over as Chair last year with Kath Hudson acting as Vice Chair.

I would like to thank Marian Shaw for her hard work as departing Chair and helping me as I settle into the role.

Since the AGM, Chris Snellock has stood down as footpath warden and John Thomas has taken it on. Laurie Bradley has also replaced Russ Holloway as Dursley United Charities representative. Many thanks to Chris and Russ for their work.

Kath Hudson has worked very hard on Speed Watch and getting the Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) ready to install – more later.

We will all miss Richard Cheetham and are grateful for all his efforts over the years. 

Financial Matters

As a result of a survey last year, the precept for 2021/22 was increased from £3,550 to £5,500 to facilitate the provision of traffic calming measures in the village and exploratory Playground works. This will be maintained for 2022/2023.


There have been 28 planning applications within the Parish and Parish Councillors have seen, consulted and commented on them all.

Notification was received from Planning of a screening request for proposed 60 dwellings, public open space and ancillary works at land north of Taits Hill Road, which caused considerable concern among residents. A Residents’ Association was formed across Stinchcombe Village, Taits Hill Road, Clingre Down and Orchard Leaze, including parts of Cam parish as well as Stinchcombe, which sought advice from a planning consultant.


A new bin and replacement flagpole were installed by the church – Many thanks to Craig Lawful for fitting them.  A further bin is ready for installation by the bus shelter outside the Village Hall.  This will replace the bin that DRC had at their entrance there.

A new notice board has been obtained and is ready to be installed to replace the one knocked over at Old Hill Lane.

The Playground group have presented their proposals at a combined Hall, Church and Parish Council meeting.  The designs look good but there are still a number of unanswered questions about insurance, maintenance and public consultations that need sorting.


Standle Lane has been completely resurfaced with thanks to all those who helped push this one through.

The Speed Watch group now have a preferred make and model of VAS and the evidence to support the recommendation.  The final steps are getting the nearby residents’ agreement to the installation, buying it, and installing it.  If anyone knows a “street works” accredited contractor, please let Kath know.

Design for the village gateways is complete with a series of options ready to go to residents for consultation. Work on the planters has gone ahead – thanks to all those involved

After the parking issues with the rugby club earlier in the season, we had a very constructive meeting with a series of actions that I am pleased to report seem to have solved this problem.

Footpaths and Rights of Way

There was a litter pick held in March this year had a poor turnout but nevertheless produced more than 20 bags of litter.

There have been ongoing discussions between the owners of Piers Court, PROW officers and Parish Council representatives regarding the use of public footpaths on Piers Court land.


It’s nice to see a lot more collaboration between the various village bodies in the last year, I hope that that continues – Don’t forget the Jubilee celebrations on the 2nd and 4th of June!

Thanks go to Kath Hudson and Nola Bradley for continuing production of the village Newsletter and to the team who distribute it.  Richard Bartlam continues to update and maintain Stinchcombe E-News for which we thank him.  Richard would welcome Stinchcombe news and photographs to include in E-News.


Thank you to my fellow Parish Councillors and Clerk for their help and support over the past year.  Thank you also to the Tree, Footpaths and all the appointed Wardens for their time and efforts in keeping our Parish running smoothly and such a pleasant place to live and to our County and District Councillors for their time and support which are very much appreciated.

Feel free to join us for the AGM and assembly on 30th May in the Village Hall.

Simon Packer

Froglife Logo

Paws against ponds

#pawsagainstponds Campaign

During April, Froglife is running the #pawsagainstponds campaign! Britain is a nation of dog lovers, there are over 12 million in the UK and here in Stinchcombe we love our furry friends, many residents dog owners. However, dogs swimming in ponds can have negative impacts on wildlife. Froglife wants to focus on reducing this and raising awareness of the issue.

Keeping dogs out of Ponds

Keeping dogs out of ponds used by amphibians for breeding is important for three reasons:

  • Dogs swimming and paddling in ponds can stir up sediment, blocking out valuable sunlight for aquatic plants and spawn/tadpole development.
  • Trampling spawn, tadpoles and froglets/toadlets
  • Spot-on flea treatments can have a devastating impact on aquatic ecosystems. If dogs go into ponds shortly after treatment, the powerful pesticides can kill the insect life within the pond. You can find further information on the British Veterinary Association’s webpage here. 

There can also be negative impacts on dogs including:

  • Illness and risk of death from blue-green algae. Please read the British Veterinary Association’s article on the subject (with advice on what you can do to prevent your dog from becoming ill) here
  • Injuries from hidden hazards below the water
  • Infections from existing cuts and injuries or ones sustained whilst in the water  

If you see a pond that is well planted and appears to be a designated wildlife habitat, try to keep your dogs away or even better, on a lead, particularly in spring when amphibians will be breeding and in the summer when young amphibians will be leaving their ponds for terrestrial habitats.

Ashlea Mawby at Froglife

Stinchcombe Jubilee

Stinchcombe Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

Join us as Stinchcombe celebrates the Queens Platinum Jubilee

What’s On

All at the Village Hall unless otherwise noted

Thursday 2nd June

  • 10am to 12pm
    • Children’s Playtime – Please register for places at children’s entertainment.
    • Punch & Judy,
    • Teddy Bears picnic,
    • Home made Queen’s Platinum
    • Crown Competition
  • 6pm to 8.30pm
    • Hog Roast and salad – £10 each
    • Pudding competition
    • Cash bar 6pm to 11pm
  • 8.30pm
    • Toast to the Queen
  • 9.45pm
    • Lighting of the Beacon at the Village Green – on the Hill

Saturday 4th June

  • 2pm to 4pm
    • Family Fun
    • Fun and games for all ages
  • 4pm to 6pm
    • Afternoon Tea – £5 each

Sunday 5th June

  • 6pm
    • Thanksgiving Evensong at the church, followed by cheese & wine

To Register and for Info

  • Facebook Group:
    • Stinchcombe Jubilee 2022
  • Children’s entertainments:
    • Margaret Wannell – 01453 546200
  • Hog roast tickets and Pudding Competition:
    • Dave Clare – 01453 519571 or
  • Afternoon Tea:
    • Margaret Wannell – 01453 546200
  • Or through any committee member of the Village Hall or Parish Council

Please register for places at children’s entertainment, Buy tickets for Hog Roast £10 and for the Afternoon Tea £5, and enter the Jubilee Pudding competition.


Support for Ukrainian Refugees in the UK


OPORA  aim to provide emergency and long-term support to Ukrainians and their families looking to rebuild their lives in safety, having fled the war.  They fund accommodation and travel, help refugees navigate the immigration system and are identifying structural ways to create employment and self-employment opportunities.  

They have an online platform to allow sponsors registered under the UK Government scheme to connect directly with Ukrainians looking for help:


Help for Ukraine Support Hub (HUSH) is a local (Berkeley, Wotton, Dursley) hub for sharing information, publicising fundraising or other efforts and most importantly creating a support network.   They have organised a public meeting on 28th March (see poster).  There is also a private Facebook group


CPR training for the community

Why is it important for communities to learn CPR?

A cardiac arrest happens when there is a problem with the heart’s electrical rhythm, stopping it from pumping blood properly to the rest of the body. It can happen anywhere and at any time. It can happen at home, in the playground or in the street. The person will collapse, stop breathing and become unconscious. Chances of survival decrease the longer it takes for someone to step in.

By people in the community training in life saving skills, if the worst happens, they’ll be there to step in and give someone the best possible chance of survival.

We now have three Defibrillators in the village which is fantastic. However, if anyone has a cardiac arrest, CPR is required to keep the person alive before the Defibrillator arrives.

Are you interested?

A 2 hour course in CPR costs £150.00 plus VAT or around £20 per person if 10 people are interested. Please let me know if you can spend 2 hours to learn a skill that might save a persons life.


Bar Staff Required

Stinchcombe Hill Golf Club are desperately seeking Bar staff for April onwards. Despite adverts and posts on social media. No responses are forthcoming.

This will be for shorter evening or morning shifts (4 hours) to the Club to cover more hours than can done presently.

Volunteers would be lovely, although if you (or someone you know) is looking for paid work, of course that is possible. Even if this is one shift per week it’s useful.

Please do let me know.

01453 542015


Phone box Tweet

Catherine Braun

Catherine Braun the Green Councillor and Deputy Leader of Stroud District Council has tweeted about our Village Phone Box. Perhaps those who “Twitter” in the village can share???

The phone box In Stinchcombe opposite the Village Hall is #standingwithukraine 💙💛

It also hosts a fantastic resource for visitors as well as locals: a library of wonderful walks around the parish. Definitely worth a visit!

Originally tweeted by Cllr Catherine Braun (@Cath_Braun) on 9 March 2022.

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