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Open to All


A project undertaken by the Friends of St Cyrs

Open 2 All

The Project

I t was five years ago that the Friends of St Cyrs Church and the Parochial Church Council considered creating a disabled access to our village church. St Cyr’s suffers from being sited in an elevated position that requires steps to enter the churchyard, and yet more steps to enter the interior of the church. Also a Kitchen and Toilet are desperately required to make the church amore useable space. So, the Open2All project was born.


In consultation with representatives from the Diocese plans were drawn up and models made to illustrate a possible or feasible solutions. We reduced costs and refined the design. Finally arriving at a practical and attractive solution to the needs and costs.

Having secured quotes for the groundwork, electrics, plumbing, carpentry, ironwork, lifts, joinery. We wanted to try to employ local contractors wherever possible.

During this time, we enjoyed ourselves and raising money. To contribute to the cost of realising our dream. Thanks to all those people who have joined us at barn dances, safari suppers, open gardens and many more activities.

Over the hurdles

There were many hurdles to overcome. However, finally, at the start of 2022 we are in a position to commence the build by this coming spring. The facilities should then be fully open by mid to late Summer 2022.

The Friends and PCC now have obtained

(The Agreement from The Church Conservation Architect is to confirm that our plans are sufficiently robust so that the Grade 11* nature of the Building will not be compromised by the Project.)

The Costs

The Project is planned to cost £83,038. We reached our funding target for the at the end of November. This now means that we can now commence the build work.

The Friends are providing £18,408. These funds have been raised over the years by Villagers and other attendees to the many events organised by the Friends. In addition the Parochial Church Council have provided £5,535 in funds through giving and organised Church events. So nearly 30% of the cost has been raised through the Parishioners, Villagers and supporters of our Fund Raising activities. We are extremely grateful for the support that has been given.

Donations and Funding

The remainder of the funds of approximately £60,000 has been generously given by donations, grants and pledges of funds through various Charitable Trusts and organisations that support our type of Project.

The Charities supporting the project are:

Thank you to all in the village who have supported the Friends and the Parochial Church Council with Donations

So, most of the hard work is now done and we look forward to welcoming everybody to the launch of our finished Project in a few months time.

The Friends of St Cyrs Church Stinchcombe & The Parochial Church Council

Follow the Project Updates

Ongoing Schedule of work

This will be updated periodically.

Week One: 7 March to 11 March 2022

Neither of the approaches to the church will be affected this week

  • Collection of ordered materials from Bradford’s, Bristol
  • Stacking of timber and other materials at the back of the church
  • Marking out position of stud work for the disabled toilet
  • Commence constructing the stud partition walls of the toilet cubicle
  • Removal of ceramic tiles and setting aside in readiness for digging trench for the drain in the south west corner of the toilet area
  • Exploratory dig to locate the water pipe adjacent to exterior of the south west corner

Week Two: 14 March to 18 March 2022

The west approach and gates will be closed during work starting this week, but the north approach will remain open

  • Excavation and laying of sleeper steps by west gate

Week Three: 21 March to 25 March 2022

The north approach and gates will be closed during work starting this week, but the west approach will reopen

  • Excavating the ramp by the north approach
  • Removal and setting aside of existing steps
  • Laying blockwork to support new position of steps on concrete base
  • Relocating stone steps in new position
  • Laying of new stone walls along ramp


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