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A Village Property – update

A Line Drawing of Melksham Court

The Momentum is growing

There has been a lot of interest in this project and the momentum is growing for Our Virtual Village. So thank you to all those that have contributed so far.

As you will see from our list of properties below we are promised articles on various houses for the next 11 months taking us to February 2022 (as well as the Cricket and Rugby Clubs, the War Memorial and other aspects of the village).

However, it’s not just articles on some of the larger properties that we wish to publish. We would welcome information on all types of houses and cottages in the Village. Some of the Social History of the previous owners/tenants of properties create just as good stories as the history of the properties themselves.

Can YOU supply interesting stories and photos on any property whether you own it or not? That includes any properties that have been featured already. I would be pleased to hear of anything you have that adds to the histories.

One of the properties that we don’t have too much history on, or photos of, is The Old Vicarage and an article is due to be written by February next year so there is still time! That property has been used as Parish Rooms holding Church meetings and many events and of course several vicars have lived there over the years. There MUST be members of the community who have old photos or stories so please check your albums and speak to older residents and see if you can send me anything that is of interest to go in that article.

Thank you

Roger Batty

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