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Street Lighting for Stinchcombe?

I have bought a month on the British Newspaper Archive website and been reading up on old news! I found this little bit of history about Street Lighting in Stinchcombe which I thought might amuse you..and leave you to drawn your own conclusions.

A little “Light” History

The “Lighting and Watching” Act of 1833 allowed groups of property owners to form committees and organise local street lighting. It also allowed for the creation of local police forces (the “watching” part of the Act’s title.) These committees were then empowered to levy a rate on other householders to pay for the lighting.

Street lighting as we know it today is the result of many years of development and investment. The legislation relating to street lighting has been introduced piecemeal over the years, with varying degrees of responsibility and authority conferred on various bodies from parishes to national government. As of 2005 there was not legal responsibility on anyone to provide street lighting. There is no statutory requirement on local authorities in the United Kingdom to provide public lighting.

In England and Wales, the Highways Act 1980 empowers a Highway Authority to provide lighting for any highway or proposed highway for which they are, or will be, the Highway Authority.

From the Gloucester Citizen – Friday 19th August 1949

Proposals are now under consideration to have street lighting in Stinchcombe. At meeting the Parish Council, over which Mr. C. W. Hill presided, the following quotations were received for lighting and maintaining nine gas lamps: three years £80; five years £58/12/9; ten years £42/15/7 per annum. The Council was informed that the present product of a penny rate (on the precept) is £9. The Council agreed to call a public meeting to consider adopting the Lighting and Watching Act.

From the Gloucester Citizen – Friday 16th September 1949

Only a handful of people attended a parish meeting at Stinchcombe convened to consider adopting the Lighting and Watching Act 1833. Mr. C. W. Hill (chairman of the parish council) Presided and a motion to adopt the Act was moved by Mrs. A. Burcombe and seconded by Mrs. A. Pick. Voting was three for the motion and ten against, three abstaining from voting. Stinchcombe will therefore not have lighting scheme during the coming winter.

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