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COVID Comparisons


Comparing Countries to the UK

I have not written anything about COVID for some time so with the news about the US President I thought it would be a good time to compare the UK against other countries to see just how well the UK is actually doing. Most people can make their own minds up, but knowledge is power. To keep any comparison meaningful all figures are per 1M of the population and are taken straight from Worldometer

CountryCases / 1M
Total Cases per 1M of Population

Immediately what this shows is that because of our population size we actually do compare favourably with other EU countries who are all struggling to contain the virus. The surprise to me was Ireland who I thought was doing so much better than the UK. The second table I want to show is just how much Testing is done.

CountryTests done / 1M
Total Tests done per 1M of Population

To me, this simple table shows that it’s not the total number of test done but who, when and why…i.e.the QUALITY of the testing. Getting the results back fast, contacting the correct person and the population acting upon the information.

Lastly below is the current Cases per million of population from Ourworld in Data.

On 1st September, the UK rate was 19.48 cases per million, just below the government’s quarantine rate for other countries of 20 per M. Today it stands at 92.4 On July 8th it was 8.65. Where has it all gone wrong?

My own personal conclusions and predictions

Are the UK Gov doing better than others? I’d say at most average. They lost the confidence and respect of the general public a long time ago and leadership and accountability is completely lacking together with a complete lack of joined up thinking. Hence the Poll of Polls shows their 23% lead is down to 1%. However here are my current predictions on 3rd Oct.

  • There will be no 2nd UK wide lockdown
  • This second wave is “peaking”
  • This second wave could have and should have been avoided.
  • The UK governments “Track and Trace” is the single best weapon to fight COVID infections, and it still does not work. Just watch this weeks Panorama. (see below)
  • We will still be talking about COVID this time next year

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Views Expressed in this article are my own personal views.

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