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Cycling Forum


Calling all cyclists and would be cyclists

If you cycle on our local roads or you would like to but don’t for whatever reason, please read on.

First Gloucestershire Cycling Forum

Siobhan Baillie MP has  invited the Parish Council to her first Cycling Forum on 17th November at 6pm.  Virtual not face-to-face, of course.

She describes it as an opportunity to discuss how cycling and other sustainable methods of transport can be improved across the Stroud District and Gloucestershire. The District Council and the County Council will be there to discuss their existing and planned cycling schemes.  

What are your views?

I am happy to attend as a Parish Councillor and fair weather cyclist.  I’ll report back on anything relevant to Stinchcombe.  But I can’t represent your views unless you tell me what they are. I know there are some keen cyclists out there. 

  • What are your experiences of cycling locally?
  • What would make it better?
  • If you don’t cycle yet, what would encourage you to take to your bike?

Please let me know before 17th November.

Kath Hudson

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