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Rugby Club Parking issues – Jan 2022

Stinchcombe Parish Council - A community with Spirit

Rugby Club parking issues over the last few weekends

Cars on the Street
Extreme Parking

We had a constructive meeting on Friday 28th January between the ruby club, village hall committee and parish council to discuss the parking issue.

Firstly, Phil Sprague (the new Chair of the club) offered his apologies on behalf of the rugby club for the issues caused by cars parking in the grounds of the village hall, along the grass verges in the village and also down The Avenue, which led to difficulties and inconvenience for many residents over the last few weeks.

There were a number of last minute cancelations and changes to fixtures that had caused the rugby club some unforeseen problems. The rugby club does not charge for any parking (other than at the October minis festivals) and so those parking in the streets were doing so entirely because of the rugby clubs car parking capacity, not to avoid paying.

The rugby club is taking a number of steps to prevent a recurrence both in the short and medium term:

  1. The fixtures and playing schedule is being optimised to ensure that parking space is available.  Post Covid, the club has seen an increase in cars as people are less willing to share.
  2. Communication with visiting teams prior to the day is stressing that parking in the hall carpark or on the avenue/street is not an option.
  3. Parking stewards will be on hand to maximise the number of cars in the rugby club car park.
  4. Any late cancelations of away fixtures that would put an additional load on parking would be diverted to the Norman Hill grounds.
  5. The rugby club will communicate in advance with the residents through the PC website and eNews should there be weekends with potential overload.
  6. The rugby club is in negotiation with the village hall for use of village hall facilities.
  7. Creation of a temporary overspill carpark, should it be needed.  The track to the field behind the village hall will commence on the 7th February and should therefore make this temporary car park available from late February.

In the medium term:

  1. Planning parking for fixtures and in particular the October minis festival.
  2. Publishing out the fixture to the village residents (which can also be found at .
  3. Further meeting between rugby club, village hall committee and parish council is planned before the October festivals.

If anyone has anything they wish to raise or discuss, feel free to give me a shout



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