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Speed Watch Update


Serious Accident

On 24th October there was a serious accident on Taits Hill Rd that put two people in hospital.  Our sympathies go out to the victims and their families. The accident highlights road safety concerns in Stinchcombe.  Here is an update on progress since the recent article in Enews.

Feedback from the Survey

Thank you to the people that complete the speeding survey.  Especially to the dozen who asked to go on the mailing list.

All but one of you were worried about speeding on one or more roads.  Everyone was in favour of having a new Speed Watch Group.

Many respondents made additional comments. 

  • Most say speeding is prevalent with many motorists ignoring limits.
  • Long-term residents felt the problem had got worse over the years.
  • Some think drivers may simply be unaware of their speed. 
  • Several residents of Taits Hill Rd feel
    • unsafe pulling out of their own drive,
    • cutting their hedge or grass verge or
    • crossing the road. 
    • One worried about children walking to the bus stop.

Veterans of previous speed monitoring initiatives consider that support from the Police was inadequate.  They are frustrated that all their hard work came to nothing … apart from a strip of red tarmac according to one.

Suggestions included

  • Speed cameras,
  • Vehicle activated signs that display your speed,
  • ’20 is Plenty’ signs
  • Traffic calming measures in the residential areas and
  • Awareness raising.

First Meeting of the Speed Watch Group

Everyone on the mailing list and the Parish Council were invited to a virtual meeting on 28th October.  Eight people attended and had a productive session.

We will be registering a new group with Community Speed Watch very soon.  There is already a volunteer to train as Co-ordinator.  We are getting up to speed (pardon the pun) on several topics, including sources of funding and the Auto SpeedWatch system.

Our next virtual meeting will be at 7pm on Thursday 19th November.  It’s not too late to join in – email Kath Husdon for an invitation.

Widening the Net

Not everyone gets Enews so the survey will be repeated in the Stinchcombe News.  Sorry if you’ve already seen it, but we need to reach as many people as we can. Keeping this sort of group going relies on having enough active members.

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