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Stinchcombe United Charities

Helping Hands

Stinchcombe United Charities are looking for a new Trustee

Stinchcombe United Charities have been operating since 1895 and over that time has helped countless Parishioners with support. It has also helped many Stinchcombe students through the Matthew Tyndall Educational Foundation with Grants to purchase books in order to assist them with their studies.

Mrs Clare Cooke has retired as Trustee from the Charities. Clare joined as Trustee in 1987 and for the last 15 years has been Chairperson.

Whilst Clare has enjoyed working for the Charity, after 33 years, she feels that it’s time to step down and to make way for another Parishioner to step up and continue the Charitie’s work in Stinchcombe.

Are you interested in becoming a Trustee and helping people who are living in Stinchcombe when things get difficult for them?

You will be a Co-opted Trustee, in fact one of 5 Co-opted from Parishioners.

There are also 3 Nominated Trustees (usually) from the Parish Council, The Vicar of St. Cyr’s Stinchcombe is an Ex Officio Trustee  (currently, the Reverend Fiona Crocker)

The position of Trustee is not an onerous position, and usually involves meeting just once per year to administer funds to the Parish needy.

Please consider becoming a Trustee

Apply to Mrs Sharon Townend (Chairperson)
C/o the Clerk, Stinchcombe United Charities   Email

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