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Warm Spaces

Warm Spaces


Warm Spaces in Cam and Dursley

Cost of Living Emergency: “Warm Spaces” provision

Stroud District Council has set up a warm spaces resources page which includes an interactive map.

GL11 Community Hub

See the entries under Cam and Dursley for what is offered by our local support group #WarmGL11, coordinated by GL11 Community Hub. Local churches, the NHS, voluntary organisations and representatives from some parish councils are taking part. The resources page also has lots of guidance for organisations setting up warm hubs and their volunteers.

Along with a few others from Stinchcombe, I recently experienced the warm welcome at St George’s on a Thursday morning!


There is a cost associated with providing these much needed services. Stinchcombe Parish Council has not made a donation because it was decided that it should be a personal decision for individual parishioners.  If you are in a position to offer financial support and would like to do so, you can donate via the funding platform

Donations can be general, specific to GL11, one-off or recurring.


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