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Our Exodus Journey – what is your story and would you like to go deeper?

A letter from the Vicar

Dear All,
On August 2nd, I will be preaching on the God who accompanies us through the journey of life. God did this for HIs people in the past, as we will see in the book of Exodus, and He promises to do this today. He is a God who  ‘draws near’ and the God who provides for us. I would like this service to involve some of our personal stories of God doing just this in the past, during Lockdown  and before. I know it is sometimes hard to put  our stories into words but I would like to give us all this opportunity to encourage one another as  we ‘keep the faith’ and  journey with our God who is with us. Please email your stories to me.


On another matter- who would like to have a study book to accompany their exodus experience on a Sunday? A book that you can work through yourself.  I wholeheartedly commend this one, Exodus by Antony Billington.

I think this is so well written – ‘bible study’ and yet covering real 21st century life and including personal story, it’s got everything! I would then be very happy to meet up a few times over August to chat about what we have further discovered, either over Zoom or in the Vicarage garden (if allowed). Let me know if you would like to do this again by phone or email. If you know others who are not online but would like to join in, please can you let them know. 

Thank you for reading this. I look forward to hearing from you with personal stories and maybe also in wanting to discuss Exodus further in a few evenings in August. 

With God’s blessings for you, 

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