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Coronavirus in Stinchcombe

Alert Message

TWO members of Stinchcombe Hill Golf Club have been confirmed to have been diagnosed with coronavirus.

The golf club has said it will remain open, in line with current Government advice.

So, today Coronavirus has got to Stinchcombe and we must think about our community and our neighbours. During the following weeks others will be catching this virus and others will be self isolating. This is the time to get to know your neighbours, especially if they are in the higher risk categories, to see what we can do for each other.


The government’s aim is to slow down the rate of infection so that the National Health Service is not overwhelmed by a cataclysmic peak in demand like what has happened in Italy.

  • People in the high risk categories may wish to keep social interactions to a minimum is the short term future until it is hoped that the rate of infection reduces in the spring.So how about keeping in touch with your neighbours, offering to share an on-line shop, or buy essentials for them.
  • People in our community will be catching the virus, so look after them and help.


At times like this a community should be coming together in the next few weeks.Keeping up to date with information is always a good way basing any response needed so here are a few links to follow:

  • The most up-to date number of worldwide cases can be found here:
  • The Reddit worldwide community news for all snippets of info here:
  • Probably the most comprehensive worldwide map of every single case here:
  • The EXCELLENT UK GOV blog here:
  • and finally the very good WHO information pages can be found here:


I hope you find the above useful. Personally I think that so far, the UK Government has reacted just right to the pandemic in measured and clear steps with the experts taking centre stage. I did come across this in my explorations….AN exercise was run last year by Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation…the results were published in OCTOBER 2019 and can be found and downloaded from their website here:

In short it listed the preparedness of the worlds governments to a worldwide pandemic….UK came 2nd!! In front of every other country except one.

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