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Smelly Stinchcombe Slurry

You may not be aware of the route our village sewage pipe takes, after travelling South along Wick Lane it diverts across the fields before rejoining the highway further down.
At the start of July, Wessex Water had to come to the rescue as the manhole cover had burst and was overflowing with waste from the village onto grazing land and causing a stream of raw sewage to flow into neighbouring farmland. 

The culprit: wet wipes, blue / green hand towels & other non flush-able waste, directly from our village! 

The field is currently unusable and we hope the animals who were grazing it didn’t come into contact with the waste, time will tell. Wessex Water will be returning with their ‘Clean Up Crew’ team in an attempt to salvage the land. 

Please all take this as a reminder not to flush difficult to decompose waste along with the items listed above.

Pixie Thomas

Slurry in the field

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