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It’s not over – by a long way!

Is it over?

With “Air Bridges” being formed and shops, hairdressers, pubs etc all being open you may be excused in thinking that the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

Unfortunately, this is completely wrong. While here in the UK we have, sort of, muddled our way through to keeping new infections to a standstill, worldwide the new infections per day has just passed the 200k on the 2nd June

This is not something to celebrate, as in countries like Brazil, India, Mexico, South Africa, Bangladesh and Indonesia the virus is only now starting to take off.

And as for the USA….cases are at 8.5k / 1M of the population, twice that of the UK which is 4K / 1M but this is still a tiny percent of the 300M population. With the complete lack of any form of joined up leadership, one just wonders how many more will catch the virus.

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