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Proposal for the telephone box.

Sent in by a Stinchcombe resident.

Ideas for Converting the Telephone Box into an Information Centre

My objectives were something that would be eye-catching from the road, contain useful and/or interesting displays and offer opportunities for community involvement.  It would celebrate the history of the Stinchcombe and promote local walks, landmarks and places of interest. 

Transom Windows

The existing transoms would be replaced with opaque panels saying ‘STINCHCOMBE’ and ‘INFORMATION’ in black font as close to the original as possible.   Customised glass transoms are available from at least one source for about £30 per panel plus VAT.  Customised acrylic transoms or acrylic lettering attached to the existing glass would be cheaper options.

Graphics Panels

Only two sides of the box would be fitted with graphics panels to avoid cutting out too much light. Aluminium composite (Dibond) panels are suggested because they are strong, lightweight and suitable for printing with high quality, fade-resistant images. It is a competitive market and custom-sized panels with single or double-sided printing are readily available.  We should be able to get both panels for under £200 in total.   

I am assuming the panels could be mounted in snugly fitting wooden frames without need for permanent attachment to the fabric of the phone box.  Any carpenters out there who could say whether that is practicable?

1. Double-sided Panel

A life-size image of a person using a telephone is proposed for the road-facing side.  It is suggested that the image should be in keeping with the vintage of the box.   My iPad sketch of a woman in vaguely 1940s costume gives an idea how it might look.   Another possibility would be a doctored image of Evelyn Waugh, as perhaps our most famous resident.  Other ideas and more accomplished artwork very welcome!

For the inward-facing side of the same panel, the proposed theme is a History of Stinchcombe in Twenty Objects:  Pre-Roman to Pandemic.  A photograph/sketch and brief description for each object would be supplemented by further information via QR codes.  As a history buff, I have some ideas about objects that could be included, but it would be good to get suggestions from the community. 

2. Map Panel

The panel fitted to the back wall of the box would have an illustrated map of Stinchcombe Parish as the central image. Places of interest and landmarks would be marked, with sketches or photographs provided by local residents.  Important information e.g. the locations of debrillators would also be shown.  There would be reference to the Stinchcombe walks already published and possibly some new walks or bike rides residents may develop.  Personally, I am keen to design a history trail.  More information on the walks, including a QR code to access the full walk leaflet, could be given in the space above and below the map.  Space for local businesses to advertise could be incorporated if required.

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