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It must be true

Fighter Plane

It must be true…Russ told me!

I have received the following story in from Russ about a previous Speed Watch group. He swears it is true…

Back in 2003, (the time of the Iraq war and terrorist high alert) when we last ran a speed watch in the Village, I was part of the organising committee and responsible for the radar guns we were issued with.

A Highway’s chap delivered the radar guns and gave me instructions, one of which was to ensure that no one pointed a gun at any military aircraft.

At that time we did have regular flights of Hercules transports out of Lyneham practising low level flights round the edge of the escarpment. Apparently a few weeks before at a site in the middle of Wales near where fighter pilots were trained, an elderly and probably bored, speed watch volunteer casually aimed his radar gun at a fighter plane.

Military aircraft are immediately aware if they have radar locked on to them as it usually precedes a missile attack! The pilot in this case took evasive action and wheeled round to strafe the presumed terrorist.

Fortunately as he approached the location he realised that the radar source was an elderly man in a yellow jacket!

Fact Checking

Having tried to check the facts on this story I have found references about it

I leave it to you, but I believe you Russ!

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