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Endemic NOT Pandemic


We will NOT achieve herd immunity with COVID

It seems increasing likely that COVID is here to stay. If not for ever, then certainly for years to come. The Delta variant is so infectious that everyone WILL be exposed to it at some point, probably by someone who is asymptomatic.

Here in the UK if you have had two doses of the vaccine:

  • You are 49% less likely of being infected compared with unvaccinated people.
  • If you DO catch COVID, you are then around 25 times less likely to end up in hospital than someone who has not had the vaccine.
  • If you DO end up up in hospital, you are also less likely to die.

This Winter

So far, the UK Vaccine program has prevented 60,000 deaths. However, a winter wave of COVID is inevitable together with a larger than normal flu season. (Dr Mark Porter – The Times) A booster program for COVID for the winter is being planned. So make sure you get both jabs if offered.

The Future

My predictions for Winter 2021 onwards

  • Routine Testing will become less important in schools and workplaces etc. Testing will only happen at point of infection or for travel.
  • We will have to learn “To live with COVID” the genie is out of the box!
  • Travel will open right up.
  • Events will open right up
  • No more lockdowns

COVID is here to stay………..we have to live with it.

Nature – February 2021

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