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Stinchcombe Playground & Community Space

Stinchcombe Playground

A New Initiative

A new initiative to create a new playground space in Stinchcombe has been underway since Spring last year. It has been necessary to explore many elements which has taken significant time and effort by the Committee.

We are now in a position to update the village on where we are with the project.

Working in Consultation

Working in consultation with the Church PCC, The Friends of St Cyr’s, Stinchcombe Village Council and the Dursley Rugby Club, a number of options have been explored for the creation of a new space for children and families from our village to enjoy. In agreement with the Church PCC we are delighted to announce that we have been granted approval to use the Church Field site (opposite St Cyr’s church)pending planning approval – as our designated site. Furthermore, we have decided in consultation with the Church PCC to increase the scope of our project from the creation of a playground to the development of an inclusive space for all residents in Stinchcombe; a space where we can come together as families and friends, relax, restore and have fun. The site will combine a blend of environmentally sympathetic playground equipment and landscaping along with trees, planting and seating areas.

Initial Designs

We are in the process of developing initial designs for the Community Space which will be presented for consultation with Stroud District council. In due course these designs will be shared with the residents of Stinchcombe village for your feedback.

We will continue to provide updates on the development of the Stinchcombe Community Space over coming months via Stinchcombe enews as well as providing information displays at key fundraising events, such as the upcoming Race Night scheduled for the 19th March at the Village Hall.


I am sure all of you will have many questions about the Community Space project, a few of which we hope will be answered through the Q&A below.

Q: Who is the Community Space project aimed at?

We hope to create a space which residents of all ages in Stinchcombe will enjoy. We aim to create play areas and facilities for children of all ages as well as areas for adults and families to sit, walk and relax. We also aim to create an accessible space for children or adults with disabilities.

Q: When will the space be ready to enjoy?

At present we do not have a specific date for installation of the site. There are many different design, planning and funding challenges to be overcome as well as different groups to be consulted. With the scope of this project being significantly larger than its original aim, we expect to plan a multi-phased programme of work which may take a few years to install. We are striving to start with a first phase of work in 2023 – the scope of which is still to be decided and agreed. Further information on this will be released in due course.

Q: How is this project going to be funded?

Our aim is to raise a significant portion of the funds for this project via grant applications. In addition we will be organising a number of fundraising activities, a number of which will be aimed at attracting people and money from the local areas around Stinchcombe. In consultation with the Village Parish Council, we have provisionally earmarked some Precept funds for the ongoing maintenance and management of the site.

Q: How will we access and park at the site?

This is an element of the project which is a challenge and we are focussing on. Pedestrian access and parking is being considered and assessed as part of the project, however we hope that many of the residents from within Stinchcombe will walk or cycle to the site in order to minimise parking requirements.

For further information on how to get involved in supporting the Stinchcombe Community Space Committee and its activities please contact Naomi Heming.

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