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Stinchcombe Village Calendar 2022

Village Calendar 2022

Funds for St Cyr’s Church

The PCC is delighted to have produced a Stinchcombe Village Calendar for 2022 for you to buy, reflecting certain local aspects, some of the photographic talent from the village and a way to generate funds for St Cyr’s Church.

A copy of the 2022 Calendar can be seen in the porch at St Cyr’s church, but copies of the Calendar can be purchased from Pippa Leggate at Church Farm, Wendy Hamilton at Manor Farm, Cherry Brown at the Old Post Office and other members of the PCC.

The cost of the Calendar is £10.00 and all proceeds go to St Cyr’s Church.

A Gift for Christmas

Named Individual recognition has not been given to all those who contributed, but we would like to express sincere thanks to everyone who assisted with this project in aid of the church.

We hope you will enjoy the Calendar throughout the next year and that it will be a provide welcome gift for Christmas.

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