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Self Isolation over 70s – Could you help?

It now seems likely that within the next week to 10 days that over 70’s will be requested to stay at home and “Self Isolate” while the peak of the infection passes by.

In our Community of Stinchcombe that affect quite a few households and it will mean Isolation for up to two months. Whether this will be compulsory or voluntary will have to be seen. However, in other countries, they are going down the compulsory route.

Personally I hope it is voluntary, but I fear it will be compulsory

In my own household this ruling would affect one but not the other, but what would be the point if one self isolates while the other goes out and gets the virus and brings it home.? However that is another discussion.

So what can we do in our community to help those who are having to self isolate? And should we start to plan now?

Are younger people willing and able to pick up and deliver food, papers, post and whatever else? Are you willing to walk any pets? Are you willing to drive someone the a drive through testing station? Are you willing to keep in touch?

We do need a list of volunteers with:

  • Name:
  • Contact Number:
  • Address:
  • What you can help with:
    • Picking up Grocery Shopping
    • Picking up Other Shopping
    • Picking up Prescriptions
    • Pet Walking
    • Posting
    • A Friendly Chat.

Have a think about this as I am sure the Parish Council will be interested to hear from you.

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