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Woodland Walk Clean-up

A big thank you to all who participated in the Annual Litter Pick. If you missed the opportunity or simply wish to do some more, we shall be cleaning up one of the woodland areas beyond the Village Hall, * next Sunday 18th April, at the slightly earlier time of 10am, meeting up at the Village Hall.

The woodland in question had trunk protection placed around the saplings when planted. This has become an unsightly nuisance that needs removing as it is in some cases damaging the trees. We need a couple of agile, dextrous people who can get access to the trunks to remove the plastic and pile it where it can be accessed from proper paths. We also need people to bag up these piles – The springy plastic can be brittle and sharp – sharp enough to go through bin bags if not careful and there is a lot of plastic! We will then need to take the bags to the woodland gate.

Please respect social distancing when you arrive, once in the woodland things should be easier. Please bring your own gloves and wear shoes with good ankle support (the ground involved is very uneven).

Any questions , please ask.

  • (if one were to be in the carpark at the village hall looking West the, woods beyond the ‘playing fields’ are the ones I’m on about. Behind the hedge between the two FP stiles (and two badger sets).)
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