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A Litter picking challenge

Litter Picking

For my “Kirby Challenge” at Wycliffe school, the aim is to do something that is a challenge to yourself personally. Amongst many other things, I decided to litter pick around the Village and country lanes surrounding my house.

I chose to do litter picking as I feel it contributes to the local community and makes it a cleaner space. Sadly, while taking walks days after doing the litter pick, I come across more rubbish that has been thrown from car windows. What was a clean space after my litter pick is now full of rubbish again.

The amount of litter currently on the roads and at the side of the road is just shocking. Not what I expected at all. I came back with more than double what I expected.

After litter picking the roads have looked cleaner and made me feel proud to have taken on something like this.


Thank you SO much Rebecca for sharing this story with the website. It is always good when members of the community contribute to the newsletter and well done on filling 11 black bin back by yourself. Richard

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