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CPR training for the community


Why is it important for communities to learn CPR?

A cardiac arrest happens when there is a problem with the heart’s electrical rhythm, stopping it from pumping blood properly to the rest of the body. It can happen anywhere and at any time. It can happen at home, in the playground or in the street. The person will collapse, stop breathing and become unconscious. Chances of survival decrease the longer it takes for someone to step in.

By people in the community training in life saving skills, if the worst happens, they’ll be there to step in and give someone the best possible chance of survival.

We now have three Defibrillators in the village which is fantastic. However, if anyone has a cardiac arrest, CPR is required to keep the person alive before the Defibrillator arrives.

Are you interested?

A 2 hour course in CPR costs £150.00 plus VAT or around £20 per person if 10 people are interested. Please let me know if you can spend 2 hours to learn a skill that might save a persons life.


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