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Parish Survey

Stinchcombe Parish Council - A community with Spirit

Parish Council Precept 2021/22

The Speed Watch Group and the Stinchcombe Playground Working Party have sent all Stinchcombe households a survey asking what level of Precept the Council should levy and what level the householders would be willing to pay.

So, I downloaded what the other Parish Councils Precept was. However, all I could only find the year 2019/20, but the rates would be similar now.

For 2019/20 Based on Valuation Band D

Longney & Epney3,950.0028.62
Council Tax Rates 2019/20

My Notes

  • The average Parish Precept for a village like our has got to be £10-£15 more than we are currently paying.
  • The Parish Council is discouraged from building up surpluses. Therefore any increase in yearly income needs to be balanced against a yearly increase in spending. Not for just one project.

Survey can be download here.

Link to the Play Facilities Survey

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