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Gossip around the village pump.

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Village Hall Update

Summer Spree

Apologies for the delay reporting on the Recent Summer Spree at the Village Hall, it was definitely a great success and attended by around 100 people who gave some great feedback. It was great to be able to use the new Patio area and gave us extra space for the Bar.


The Committee are trying to hold events that appeal to residents of Stinchcombe, their friends and Families. If you have something in mind for an event, please contact one of the Committee. We also learn from each event and try to improve future events so feedback is always very welcome (good or not so good). The Hall is a great venue and a huge asset to our community. We managed to raise around £850 which will go towards the running costs and future improvements.

Regular Classes

Regular bookings have pretty much returned to normal, please refer to the Village Hall Website for details. There are an increasing number of classes and activities we even have Line Dancing Classes starting shortly. Recent 1 off bookings included a Clairvoyant and a Wedding reception.

Private Bookings

Christenings, Baby Showers, Birthday Parties and Funeral Wakes are just a few of the Private bookings, so if you have an event in mind, please contact Margaret Wannell our Bookings Officer

Charlie Oakhill  

Chairman Stinchcombe Village Hall

Useful Links


Comedy Wildlife

Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards

The Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards published on 1st September the images shortlisted for its 2021 competition and opens voting for the People’s Choice Award – offering the public the chance to vote for their favourite funny photo.

This year’s final shortlist of photographs showcases the biggest mix of animals seen in the competition to date. The final 42 images, plus the Portfolio and Video category entries from around the world include a laughing vine snake from India, a trio of strutting Gentoo penguins on the beaches of the Falkland Islands and a Kangaroo performing a picture-perfect Pavarotti impersonation in Australia.

Wildlife Conservation

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards was co-founded in 2015 by professional photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE and Tom Sullam who wanted to create a competition that focused on the lighter side of wildlife photography and help promote wildlife conservation through humour. This year, the competition is supporting Save Wild Orangutans by donating 10% of its total net revenue to the charity. The initiative safeguards wild orangutans in and around Gunung Palung National Park, Borneo.

You can vote as well

Voting is also open for members of the public to choose the animal snap that made them laugh the loudest in the Affinity Photo People’s Choice Award. Sponsored by Affinity Photo, the People Choice Award’s previous winners include a singing ground squirrel and a bemused Alaskan otter. The public can cast their vote at until 10 October 2021 and be in with the chance of winning a brand-new iPad.

Note we only had a few photos here, many more are on the WildlifePhoto website.

Just Checking
The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021 / Larry Petterborg
Monday Morning Mood
The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021 / Andrew Mayes
Laughing Snake
The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021 / Aditya Kshirsagar
The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021 / Aditya Kshirsagar
Quarantine Life
The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021 / Kevin Biskaborn

Helping Hands

Matthew Tyndall Educational Foundation 2021

Educational Grants Available

This is the time of year when Grants are once again available from the Matthew Tyndall Educational Foundation. Grants are available for any Students in the Parish of Stinchcombe who are in any of the following:

  • Adult Education
  • University
  • College
  • Apprenticeships

N.B. To receive a grant you must be aged 18.

Anyone who lives in the Parish of Stinchcombe can apply for an Educational grant from:

Matthew Tyndall Educational Foundation
(Charity number: 272353)
For help with the purchase of Books etc.

How to Apply to the Matthew Tyndall Foundation

Apply in writing to:

Matthew Tyndall Educational Foundation
Mrs S. Townend c/o
3 Coombe Gardens,
GL11 6AP

Apply by email:

email the Clerk

Cut off Date for Grant Applications

31st October 2020

Ash trees in Lower Woods

Lower Woods is one of the largest ancient woodlands in the south-west of England and is perfect for people who like to explore and to get deep into nature. It comprises 23 separate woods whose boundaries have remained unchanged for several centuries and a stretch of the Little Avon river runs through the nature reserve.

At almost 300 hectares (700 acres), Lower Woods is the largest Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust nature reserve and is jointly managed with Avon Wildlife Trust. It is one of the largest ancient woodlands in the south-west of England. A visit to Lower Woods is to go back in time.  It comprises 23 separate woods whose boundaries have remained unchanged for several centuries, with some areas reflecting the landscape during the Medieval era, around 500 years ago.

Ash trees in Lower Woods have been affected by a fungal disease called Ash-dieback. There is a risk infected ash tree’s limbs will become brittle and break, falling onto walkways. GWT puts visitor safety first and we are taking pre-emptive action to avoid risks to visitors. Please take care when walking through the wood and please bear with us as we work to make the woods as safe as possible.

The photos show the cut tree trunks being loaded onto lorries for use as firewood. Also a huge pile of brash which will be chipped on site and used as biomass at a power station.

Chris Davies

Lower Wood
Lower Wood
Lower Wood

Doggy DNA

Doggy DNA

DNA Protected is supported by Gloucestershire Constabulary

We are seeing a rise in the thefts of not only ‘working’ dogs but also treasured pets which are then ransomed back to the owner or used for breeding purposes. There have also been instances where owners who have advertised the loss of a dog, have been asked for cash for the return of the animal but when money is paid, it transpired that the criminal was never in possession of the dog and it was just a scam to obtain the cash.

Better than Data Chips

We have all seen on TV that criminals have been caught as a result of their DNA being found at a crime scene. DNA like fingerprints are unique to an individual and the same applies to animals, in particular to your dog. Their DNA is unique to them and cannot be altered or removed like a data chip.

It is easy and straight forward to obtain the DNA from your dog, a simple mouth swab is used to collect the sample, which is sent to the laboratory where the swab is analysed to generate the DNA profile. The DNA profile is then added to the Forensic Dog DNA Database.

The problem has always been how to identify an animal positively when it is recovered into Police possession, DNA now give’s a reliable and positive result to that question, which can be used in court. This is a positive way of identifying your dog and getting it back to you should it be lost or worse happens and it gets stolen.

The video above is a short video showing how the sample is taken. The DNA swabbing kits are available from:

For more information please contact Simon Bailey 01452 754630 or via email



Berkley and Sharpness Residents Action Group

SDC are required to accommodate 12,760 new houses between 2020 – 2040. Of these 5,223 are already planned but of the remaining 7,537 they propose to accommodate 2,400 (31%) in a so called “garden village” between Berkeley and Sharpness. In addition a further 490 houses will be accommodated on smaller sites in the area. A second phase to the “garden village” is planned to follow with a further 2,600 houses by 2050.

With developments already agreed, the total number of new houses in the Berkeley and Sharpness area will be over 5,500.

To put this in context this would be a new town approximately 5 times the size of Berkeley. If you include existing houses in the Berkeley -Sharpness area it would form an urban area similar in size to Cam and Dursley .

An action group called BASRAG (the Berkeley and Sharpness Action Group) representing the concerns of local people about development between Berkeley and Sharpness has been formed. We are concerned about Stroud District Council’s proposals in their Local Plan Review for a ‘growth point’ between Sharpness and Berkeley in a so-called “garden village” of 5,000 houses. The group was formed following locally organised residents’ meetings held in both Sharpness (Dec 2018) and Berkeley (Jan 2019).

Request from BASRAG

  • Read their www site at BASRAG
  • Send in a response to the Planning Inspector and have your say by Wednesday 21st JULY

Deer in the Field

60 New Houses in Stinchcombe?

Potential 60 House Development Taits Hill Road

by Russell Legg

Framework Plan
Framework Plan, Planning – Application 2021/0325/EIAS

Sensitivity Assessment

Clifton Homes. (who advertise on their website a “no win, no fee planning permissive service“) are conducting a sensitivity assessment ahead of a potential planning application in the village. At this stage the Application is for a “Screening request for proposed 60 dwellings, public open space and ancillary works

We understand that at this stage this is NOT a planning application for 60 dwellings. It is our opinion however that it will inevitably lead an application for such.

Stroud District Council are looking for feedback and evidence on the wildlife, flora and fauna of this ecologically rich meadow. Do you have pictures, information verbal or written to submit to prove the diversity of this rich site?

Our Reply

Please can you comment directly on the SDC Planning Portal against the application. Could you also provide a copy of your submission to Russell Legg.

Already, we have contacted and sought the advice of a Planning Consultant to support the local residents who would be affected by the forthcoming application. We also made the following five points to the Stinchcombe Parish Council, and the Local Councillors for Stinchcombe and Cam who have all been very supportive.

  1. We already have an adopted local Plan signed off in 2015. There is a great deal of certainty as to where growth and development will go. Stroud District Council has 6.56 years forward supply of land to satisfy that plan. Speculative and unplanned development such as this scheme are contrary to the local plan and unnecessary.
  2. Irrespective of this the site is in the influence of the Cotswold AONB and would significantly and detrimentally detract from this Landscape character.
  3. Access arrangements are sub standard and would make safety on Taits Hill Road a major issue.
  4. The lack of services and facilities mean most residents would need to use a car.
  5. The Site is rich in ecology and in the absence of a more detailed survey the development would be detrimental to the Ecology of the area.
Impact of the proposed site
The proposed site viewed against the backdrop of the AONB

Taits Hill Action Group

We have also formed the Taits Hill Action Group to communicate and co-ordinate all the information and objections of the local residents in the local area both Stinchcombe and Cam.

  • Clingre Down – John Delafield- 01453 544 597
  • Field Lane and West End – Ken Eales – 07785 516 569
  • Orchard Leaze – Heat Patel – 07425 318 461
  • Taits Hill Road – Russell Legg – 07850 383 649
  • Stinchcombe Village – Kath Hudson – 01453 542 132

Questions, Queries and Help with Comments to the SDC please contact your local co-ordinator please.

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