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What is Stinchcombe Social for?

Stinchcombe Social


What is Stinchcombe Social for?

It’s a good question and requires a little navel gazing.

Recently, I have received complaints about posts on the platform and I also know at least three people who have left the group because they did not like the way some posts were attacking others. (people, institutions, government and even others etc)

So, I ask what is Stinchcombe Social for?

  • Is it a platform for people to rant?
  • Is it a platform to tell jokes at others expense?
  • Should we be proud that people have felt the need to leave?

At present we have 108 people in the group, but probably only 25 people who post regularly. So what DO the silent majority think?

Remember how it started

Stinchcombe Social started as a self help group to help neighbours and keep up morale at the start of Covid. Has it lost it’s way? It’s never had any rules, but should the Administrators now be taking a more active part?

Stinchcombe Social has been a great force to bring the community together, the last thing we want is it to now drive members of the community apart.

People, who know me know I am the last person to have much political correctness or belong to the woke community, but even I think we should have standards on how we converse with each other on Stinchcombe Social.

I would love to hear your views.

  • Should there be “rules on speech”? – I’m personally not in favour of this as I feel that we should all know how to act.
  • How about “guidelines”? – maybe, but what guidelines should there be? The only “guideline” at present is if talking to someone individually – TAKE IT PRIVATE….but no-one seems to follow this
  • Should the administrators take a more active role? – If someone complains with reasons, I will.
  • Is Stinchcombe Social the forum for expressing strong views on any topic? Especially when you have an open invitation to write a concise, thoughtful, well researched article for publication in our own eNEWS!

Please email me, talk to me or speak to me if you would like to express an opinion on the above and if not me, perhaps Caroline Marshall or Jessica Milliner or Roger Batty

Sincerely, Richard Bartlam

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