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Progressing Well

New approach to the west gate

The Open 2 All Project is progressing well. A lovely new approach to the west gate of the church with oak steps and Cotswold gravel top has been made. All carefully done by Will Heming.

Work inside

It’s only Open 2 All day two and the work on the new loo has also started by John, Derek and John.

Wood Pile

Open 2 All Project Update 07/03/2022

We have started!

The Open 2 All project is officially underway. The oak for cladding the WC cubicle and for making two sets of new gates for the church was collected from the sawmills last Monday and is now stacked in the back of the church.

The area at the back of the church has been cordoned off in readiness for working on the WC cubicle.

All the other construction materials will be delivered on Tuesday 8th March where Derek Crocker, John Brown and myself will set-to building the stud partition walls.

Meanwhile, Will Heming and John Wallis will be re-landscaping the west approach to the church next to Heidi’s house.

Photos include the oak at the sawmills and finally on the floor in the church.

John Pinch

Wood Pile

Open2All Logo

A prayer for the Open 2 All project

I was asked by The Rev’d Fiona to write a prayer for the ‘Open to All’ project as we approach the commencement of the work.

The prayer which I have written can be used in its entirety, or broken into a sentence or section. It may be that one particular line resonates with someone, and they may wish to pray that one sentence? 

When contemplating prayer, I am reminded of the words of Wilferd Peterson:-

Change can be accomplished most of all through the power of prayer, because with God all things are possible

Wendy Hamilton

A Prayer for the Open 2 All Project

Heavenly Father,

It is with grateful hearts that we give thanks to all who have worked so tirelessly to bring this project to commencement. For generosity, perseverance and belief, expressed by so many.

We remember and give thanks for all those who have held this dream in their hearts, but are sadly no longer here to witness its fruition.

We ask for God’s protection on all who will work on physically creating easy access and space for hospitality.

We pray for patience, understanding, and care to be expressed with humanity to one another during this time of change.

We look forward with hope that St. Cyr’s will provide welcome, strength, and inner peace to all who visit.

May the love of Christ seep into the souls of those who seek comfort.

In this holy place, may there be refreshment, hospitality and healing.

As we create, so we pray in faith, that St. Cyr’s will offer security and witness for generations to come.

We pray that in times of uncertainty in a transient world, here there is permanence.

We give thanks for our beautiful church, loved by so many, now, and through ages past. Let us pray that it is love which radiates from this holy house of God, and truly provides a place of welcome and joy.

It is with hope that we create. It is with faith that we look forward. It is with love that we open St. Cyr’s to all.

Let us pray that it may be so.


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Small Beginnings

Saturday 22nd January:

Have you noticed yet that there have been small beginnings to the Open to All project? A tree has been removed outside church, with planning permission, and a piece of furniture moved inside…all very exciting and thank you to the team who have started. A tree will be planted in lieu too after the disability path has been completed.

Fiona, your excited and grateful Vicar.

No, it’s not a coffin…!

Clearing the back of the church in preparation for work to commence.

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