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Rugby Club Ground Works


Signs up at Dursley RFC as work on the grounds continues. 

Due to the lockdown and sport being suspended, the rugby club is CLOSED.

The grounds team are using this additional time to work to improve the surfaces, including working the grounds with large machinery working, seeding and using chemicals (that may cause harm to animals or humans). 

The club is private property, but the footpaths crossing the grounds are open for public access as always… there will be no chemicals within 2m of a footpath (3.2m out from the hedgeline). So please keep your dogs on leads crossing the club grounds and if on the footpaths they will be safe.

If it’s been closed off and signed please do not just climb over as you do so at your own risk. 

Unfortunately people are still driving to the club to walk their dogs. Socialise…. (we’re not a picnic spot …especially the cricket square) and exercise. (We are still on LOCKDOW!!)

We are sorry for this disruption. We are working closely with the imediate local area of Stinchcombe and have had good conversations with local residents and the parish council to try and minimise the disruption to their opportunity to get out for their daily excersise.

We are trying to use this time of lockdown to minimise any disruption so once the enforcement is lifted we can get the club open to everyone again straight away and get everyone back into some much needed sport and social activities. 

If you must approach the team working please respect them and observe the 2m distance, they are working for a better social space for you.



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