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Parish Council News – July 2023

Stinchcombe Parish Council - A community with Spirit


The Parish Council is back up to full strength as we welcome Tracey Legg as our new member.

New Councillor

The Parish Council is back up to full strength as we welcome Tracey Legg as our new member. Tracey has lived in Stinchcombe for 25 years and brings with her considerable experience in administration work and a good understanding of the planning process which should prove very useful. We are pleased to have someone from Taits Hill Road on the Council as it’s good to have representation from various parts of the village.

As previously announced we have also recently welcomed Charlie MacFarlane to the Council. Charlie lives on The Street and has nobly agreed to take on the role of Chair of the Council where he’s already doing an excellent job.

Our other Councillors, Marian Shaw, Diana Davidson and Ian Kirkham all continue to carry out their duties and represent the village as well as ever.

Preparing for Winter

Gloucestershire County Council has agreed a process to allow us to have more grit bins. If you know of any bins that need replacing or relocating, or can think of particular locations where they would be useful, please let the Clerk know as soon as possible.

Once the leaves start to fall, blocked drains become an increasing problem and our County Councillor, Linda Cohen is starting a “Leaf It Out” campaign to try and encourage residents to clear the drains by their properties just to keep the worst under control without waiting for Highways to do it. Any help you can provide in doing this would be greatly appreciated. It would also be very helpful if, where possible, residents could avoid parking over drains so that Highways can reach them when they do come to clear them.

Highways Have Your Say

Gloucestershire residents are being asked for their views on all things highways after a new survey was launched. The survey asks residents for their views on road condition, grass verges, pavements, street lighting, road signs and more. Please try to spare the time to make your views known.
Gloucestershire County Council want more detail on what residents think at a local level. They’re also offering anyone who completes the survey the opportunity to take part in further focus groups to offer more detailed feedback.

Access the highways survey before it closes midday 1 August 2023. Offline submissions also available on request.
Reporting highways issues can be done online Your Highways – Report it – Highways (

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