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Stinchombe Speed Watch update March 2024

Stinchcombe Community Speedwatch


We all paid for the radar speed sign via our Council Tax so it’s only right that there should be a progress report.

Stealthy Speed Monitoring: The Results

We all paid for the radar speed sign via our Council Tax so it’s only right that there should be a progress report.

Stinchcombe Speedwatch

People asked why the sign wasn’t working when it first appeared. In fact, it was stealthily logging the time and speed of every vehicle in both directions. These baseline data show the “normal” speeds at the four places marked with a red star on the map i.e. the Highways-approved locations where we have a post and mounting bar. Baseline data also enable us to quantify the slowing effect of the sign when illuminated.

Stinchcombe Speedwatch

So, how much of a speeding problem does Stinchcombe have? Here are the results:

Largest number of speeders: Taits Hill Road – Blackthorn Barn

  • over 5,000 vehicles a day in total
  • around 2,800 of those exceed the 30-mph limit
  • about 120 vehicles a day exceed 40 mph, the majority heading towards the A38
  • on average about 4 vehicles a day exceed 50 mph

Worst speeding: The Avenue

  • about 4,000 vehicles a day in total
  • over 2,100 of these exceed the 30-mph limit
  • about 10% of speeders are doing more than 40 mph
  • on average about 13 vehicles a day exceed 50 mph
  • highest recorded speed 73 mph – in the middle of the day!

Less but not trivial speeding: The Street

  • about 4,000 vehicles per day in total
  • around 670 of these exceed the 30-mph limit, mostly by only a few mph
  • this matters in a residential area with village hall, sports fields and soon to be reinstated playground – a pedestrian hit at 30 mph has a 1 in 5 chance of being killed compared with a 1 in 3 chance at 35 mph

Lack of safe crossings: Taits Hill – Vale Vets

  • no real problem with the 30-mph speed limit being broken
  • even at these compliant traffic speeds we’re told that
    • pedestrians find it difficult to cross the road safely
    • residents struggle to pull out of their driveways safely
  • we recommend that Stinchcombe and Cam Parish Councils work together to lobby for road safety improvements

Initial results with the sign illuminated are encouraging!

We’ve only processed the initial results for The Avenue and The Street to date.

The Avenue

Traffic entering the village from Dursley Road encounters the sign. While it was in place, compliance with the speed limit in that direction increased from about 40% to nearly 75%. The mean speed fell from 32.7 mph to 29.0 mph.

The Street

While the sign was in place on The Street, compliance with the speed limit for traffic travelling in the Dursley direction increased by almost 10%, from 82.71% to 92.26%. The mean speed decreased from 27.2 mph to 25.8 mph.

What’s next?

Stinchcombe Speed Watch will continue to move the radar sign around the four locations. Now we know there is a particular problem with vehicles heading towards the A38, we’re going to do 2 weeks in each direction at Taits Hill Road – Blackthorn Barn.

After several complete cycles, we’ll issue a further report looking at the effectiveness of the sign over a longer period. Will the response of drivers diminish, or will there be a progressive training effect? Time will tell.

The report will consider additional ways to maximise speed reduction. Evidence from the Police suggests that their advisory letters to recorded speeders are an effective deterrent. We’ll be looking at the feasibility of measures that generate letters to the worst and most persistent offenders, including:

  • targeted manual monitoring; and
  • deployment of a permanent AutoSpeedWatch camera on at least one of the existing posts.

The Price Tag

There would be costs associated with the AutoSpeedWatch option, which we’ll quantify in the report. Stinchcombe Speed Watch already has funds to purchase a camera and cover the first year’s data connectivity charge. Ongoing operating costs (data connectivity and the Police’s charge for letters) would need to be met from the Parish precept, which comes from our Council Tax.

We’re keen that residents should see the cost data and have chance to express their views on whether the expense would be justified.

on behalf of Stinchcombe Speed Watch

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