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Matthew Tyndall Educational Foundation

Helping Hands


Educational Grants Available from the Matthew Tyndall Educational Foundation

Educational Grants Available

This is the time of year when grants are available for these purposes from a Stinchcombe charity, the Matthew Tyndall Educational Foundation (Charity number: 272353).

Are you a student, school leaver or secondary school pupil who needs financial assistance to buy for your studies, apprenticeship or future training any of the following:

  • books,
  • specialist clothing,
  • tools
  • or instruments

To Qualify

To qualify, applicants must live in the Parish of Stinchcombe and be under the age of 25.

How to Apply to the Matthew Tyndall Foundation

Apply in writing to confirming that you are eligible & explaining the reason why you are seeking a grant to:

or write to

Taits Hill Road,
GL11 6PR

Application Deadline 31st October 2022

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