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Dursley Rugby Club News – April 22

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Maroon shirts, green fingers and golden sunshine graced Dursley Rugby Club for their tree planting day

Sunday 20th March saw volunteers from across Dursley Rugby Club turn out to help plant 2,620 trees around the perimeter of the club’s new training pitch. Over 300 meters of hedgerow was planted on the day with expert help from the Wotton Climate Action Group and the hard work of players past and present, parents, grandparents, siblings, friends and even a few dogs from the Rugby, Cricket and Running clubs. Some volunteers were on site for over 6 hours, and areas of rocky ground, along with the need for careful planting and protection of each sapling, meant it was difficult work. Angus McCubbin, the event organiser, said “I am so proud of the dedication shown by all of our volunteers and it has been lovely to see so many different sections from the club represented in this effort. We have made fantastic progress today and this hedgerow will make a huge difference to both the club, our neighbours and the local wildlife”.

The remaining 100 metres of hedgerow was completed by other groups of club volunteers over the past few days. And now, during the warm weather, all the new plants will be diligently watered to keep them healthy. Dursley Rugby Club visitors can now look forward to seeing the trees grow and the hedge develop around the new training pitch.

The new trees were donated by Woodland Trust and Gloucestershire Council, with oak, elder, cherry, birch, rowan, hawthorn and hazel included in the mix to give variety to suit the local environment. The new hedge will provide an important source of food and refuge for birds, insects and small mammals and strengthen the club’s existing conservation efforts. The new trees on site will also contribute to the fight against climate change. Estimates suggest that these 2,620 trees alone could remove as much as 26,200 kilograms of carbon from the air each year.

While the planting is now completed, Dursley Rugby Club are continuing to offer its friends and supporters the chance to sponsor each of the new trees with a personal message or dedication. These messages will be attached to the trees and become part of the hedge, forming a living monument to the sponsors and the loved ones they have dedicated their messages to. The money raised from these sponsorships will be placed into the club’s development fund and reinvested in future projects, including the installation of solar panels. Any interested parties should contact the club for details at

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