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COVID Update October

Coronavirus Image

Latest Numbers

The BBC and others are fixated on UK news. Are we SO insular these days? Looking at the Worldwide COVID-19 Dashboard I see that not only has the 40M case number been passed but the 400K new cases per day also. The whole of the EU (and UK) is also now in the midst of a second “wave”. In March the peak was at the 30K per day level at present it’s 115K per day.


Of course this is not the whole story as most people in March were not tested, so the estimated daily infection rate for March is probably higher than now.

Worrying Trend for the UK

However, behind the current statistics is a worrying trend. So whilst the current estimated daily infection rate for the UK is around 17.5K per day, well short the peak 100K per day in March, unless something drastic is done in the UK this could rise to 85K by the end of the year. This would also mean that the same number of ICU beds that we needed in May would be needed in January. Unfortunately we are due to run out of ICU beds in early November……

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