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Rugby Club Car Park

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Suspicious Activity

We had a report that on Tuesday 12 January a transit style panel van (possibly white) with a blue wings and bonnet was seen on the rugby club driveway up behind the clubhouse. 2 men were seen to be poking around in the car park and especially at our storage compound area where the containers and shed are. When challenged they became abusive and aggressive.

Nothing appears to have been taken, but some of us did attend the club on Saturday and improved some of our security measures on gates and the like, and also repaired what appeared to be gap in the hedge from the bridleway / lane.

None of these actions will impinge on footpath users, but I did think you may wish to know in case, whilst checking out our property, the same people also had a look around at the residential properties nearby.


Simon Bilous


Dursley Rugby Club

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