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Press release from Stroud District Council

COVID-19: We’re writing to every resident in the district to make sure they’re OK

Stroud District Council is set to contact every household in the district as part of its comprehensive response to help everyone through the Coronavirus pandemic.

54,206 letters will be posted this week to the district’s 118,000 residents, with useful information on staying safe.

People who need help now or in the future, and those who want to help, can find out how to access what they need, and the letter contains useful advice on getting medical care, staying safe, and protecting everyone in their communities.

Council Leader Doina Cornell said: “There is a lot of information out there about how to stay safe during the pandemic, and much has been shared online and through local media.

“The country has been in lockdown for a month now, so we hope this letter is a useful reminder and reference point for people who need help and who want to help. We want to make sure that no-one in the district in need of help gets left behind.

Green Group Leader Cllr Martin Whiteside said: “It looks like this situation is set to last for some time yet and while communities are doing a great job of looking after everyone, we are providing some useful contacts and advice for the coming weeks, particularly for those who have less access to the internet and social media”.

Liberal Democract Group Leader Cllr Ken Tucker said: “It’s the kind of information a lot of us will stick to a fridge door or noticeboard, and I hope our residents find it useful.”

Conservative Group Leader Cllr Stephen Davies said: “It is printed on yellow paper so it’s easier for older people and those with sight problems to read, and is designed to make sure that everyone knows where they can go for help if they need it.”

It is signed by all four Group Leaders.

For more updates and advice for individuals, community groups and businesses, visit

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