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Footpaths & Rights of Way

Stinchcombe Parish Council - A community with Spirit
Stinchcombe Parish Council

Public rights of way

Public rights of way are open to everyone at any time. They give you the right to walk, ride a horse or cycle along certain routes. Some rights of way are open to vehicles. If you having a problem using a Stinchcombe right of way, such as an obstruction, poor maintenance or a misleading sign, please report it to the Parish Footpaths Warden or directly to the Gloucester Rights of way office.

The definitive map and statement is a legal record of the public rights of way. It shows the routes of each public footpath, bridleway, restricted byway and byway open to all traffic in the county. You can view the original map at Gloucestershire County Council Shire Hall during office hours (no need to book an appointment). You can also view it online at Gloucestershire Rights of Way.

News from the Footpaths Wardens

The wardens for Stinchcombe Parish Council are Chris Snellock and Caroline Marshall who would like to thank Charlie and Jude Oakhill for their support.  We have tried to cover as many footpaths as possible, checking that they are passable and have signposts where they meet roads.  We manage to cover almost all of the footpaths in Stinchcombe. They are generally passable, reasonably well marked and with stiles and signposts in good order. 

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