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Trustee Vacancy – Stinchcombe United Charities

New Trustee Sought

Do you live in Stinchcombe and might be interested in becoming a trustee?

Stinchcombe United Charities is a collection of six charities regulated by the Charity Commission which have been supporting the people of Stinchcombe for centuries. Over that time, they have provided financial support to countless parishioners in times of hardship or distress and have assisted Stinchcombe’s young people with the cost of their studies.

Maeve Aldridge has recently retired as a trustee of the Charities. The Board is very grateful for her support since 2010 and is now looking for another parishioner to continue the Charities’ work in Stinchcombe.

The new trustee will join 7 other trustees and the Vicar of St Cyr’s who is an ex-officio trustee. The role is not particularly onerous, usually involving attendance at one or two meetings per year to ensure that income is managed and allocated in accordance with the governing document.

Becoming a trustee of Stinchcombe United Charities is a good way to get to know the local community better. If you would like to hear more about the role, please get in touch with me or any of the following trustees for a chat – Russ Holloway, John Pinch, Joan Jelfs, Richard Jones, Julie Thomas, Charlie Oakhill, Rev. Fiona Crocker.

To apply for this vacancy, please contact:  

Sharon Townend (Chair – Stinchcombe United Charities)

by e-mailing

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