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Long Newton Wildflower Verges

Lon Newton Verge


How to stop the traffic

How to stop the traffic on a busy main Road

Between Tetbury and Malmesbury on the busy B4014 is the village of Long Newton. According to Wiki it has “between 30 to 60 houses”. It does however, have the B4014 which runs through it and a traffic speed problem.

These days it has a a strict 30mph on the main road, but it is a busy road…

The Local Parish council came up with the idea to Wildflower the verge of the main through the village and raised over £7000 to do the work.

“The ultimate aim was to create a beautiful wildlife habitat within the village, and in addition try to slow down the speed of traffic through the village.” Long Newton Parish Council

I urge you to Read the article here. It shows how the project came about and was funded.

Long Newton Verges

Yesterday, going through the village, we just had to stop and take pictures both ways going in the morning and coming back at night. So I guess, THIS traffic calming worked!

Richard Bartlam

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