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Dear Stinchcombe Resident, and those who still take it having moved away.

First I must say thank you to all those who have taken the time to email me with your comments.

These are going to be difficult times for everyone, not only here in the UK, but also Europe and Worldwide. As I write this morning another 41K people were confirmed with the virus Worldwide and that will be probably 50K today. Both of these estimates will be far short of the real total.

Here in Gloucestershire we have up to now been fairly sheltered from the spread with their being only 32 reported cases when we finally went into lock-down. So, What does this mean? It’s time for the maths..

Italy has been in lock-down since 9th March and the growth rate has finally started to slow, some 14 days later.

The UK had 35 cases on 1st March and 14 days later it had 1061.

This means, and I am no expert, that I expect that should the lock-down last for 14 days, the number of cases in Gloucestershire to top out at between 1000 and 1500 cases at that point and then tail off rapidly.

This I feel is excellent news for us and means that we should not panic.

Of course much depends on how strict people are with the 2 metre rule. It’s the absolute key.

The WhatsApp group “Stinchcombe Together” has been doing a wonderful job of supporting people in the village and keeping people informed. If you want to help others in the community, please join by emailing with your Mobile Phone Number and Address and we will get you added.

If you just want to keep abreast of all the news for the next month, you can also join “Stinchcombe Together” as well but please say in the email that you can’t help….I warn you it is quite a busy group!…But (WARNING) please don’t add any jokes, adverts, videos, etc etc. It’s a serious too and I will take you off immediately.

Whatever, this is the time to be good to each other because,



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