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Did she or didn’t she?

Jackie Weaver

Did Jackie Weaver have the authority?

There has been much in the news recently about America, COVID-19, Boris, Schools, and a ton of other things for us to talk about. But, there has really only been one big question that has occupied my mind for the last couple of weeks, and that is: Did Jackie Weaver have the authority?

The Parish Council is the bedrock upon our whole system of government is built, without people like those in the Handforth Parish Council giving up their time freely for others is it too much to say we could descend into the depths of anarchy?

Maybe a tad, but as an ex Parish Councillor myself I do know that any small Council needs a common purpose, a will to co-operate and definitely respect for each other. Dibley does come into mind sometimes when discussing some items at a meeting but this is when you also know that you give up YOUR time for the good of YOUR COMMUNITY and what the Parish Council decides is noticed by County and District councillors and it DOES make a difference.

I would encourage anyone who lives in Stinchcombe, to think about taking a stint on the Parish Council. You do reap more than you sow and when you leave you will have a much great depth of understanding of the affairs of the community that you live in.

The Answer

OK, enough of the above, I have searched and searched the internet and finally found a blog written by David Allen Green who is a contributing Editor at the Financial Times.

On his blog “Did Jackie Weaver have the Authority?” he says, quite explicitly….Well, you will just have to read it yourself!

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